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Specialty Moving Myrtle Beach, SC | Hot Tub Moverz

The fragility and sensitivity of spa specialties is one reason to consider when considering moving your spa unit. Hot tubs can be quite heavy, so imagine the risk you put in its delicate components trying to pass it through narrow spaces.

This is why we at Hot Tub Moverz offer you a stress-free specialty moving service in Myrtle Beach, SC. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to handle your hot tub with care and ensure that it arrives at its destination in the same condition it was when it left.

In addition, some of these units often have complex electrical and plumbing connections that may be challenging to handle independently. Therefore, we will not only disconnect and haul the specialty to your desired location but also reconnect every electrical and plumbing aspect and then test it for your safe and balanced use.

Why Choose Us?

Experience and Expertise

We have years of experience specializing in moving specialty Spas. We will handle your hot tub carefully, ensuring the movement is free from scratches and dents. We will also advise you accordingly on how to prepare the spa for the move, the best location in your desired property, and give much other expert advice.

Specialized Equipment

We use all specialized tools to ensure your spa is moved with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our team will also take all measures to protect the hot tub from damage, including using straps, cranes, dollies, and every other necessary equipment.

Insurance Coverage

We understand how challenging moving a Spa specialty can be. So for your peace of mind, we ensure our company is insured at all times, and the hot tub is covered in case of any repairs or replacements brought about when moving it.

Climate controlled transportation

Hot tubs are often sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. We will transport your hot tub in a specialized truck equipped with heating and air conditioning systems to avoid exposing them to these elements that can affect their overall performance.

This means your hot tub will maintain a constant temperature and humidity level that will help prevent cracks on the shell and freezing or bursting of the plumbing connections.


How do I prepare my Spa specialty for transit?

To prepare your hot tub for transit, drain the water, remove and disconnect any accessories, and then secure the cover correctly. We, however, understand electrical and plumbing connections may need some experience to disconnect, so we’ll guide you on how to do it safely without affecting the future operations of the spa.

How much does a Spa specialty moving service cost?

A specialty moving service cost varies depending on different factors, from the size and weight of the hot tub to the distance as well as any additional service that may be needed. First, however, we’ll visit your property and give a free quote after surveying the hot tub surroundings and discussing the required location.

What if my hot tub gets damaged during the move?

If your hot tub gets damaged during the move, we have a claims process that will handle any damages that occur during the move. In addition, we also have an insurance policy that covers all our Myrtle Beach, SC, clients’ Spa’s.

Contact Hot Tub Moverz today, and we’ll visit your property for a quick assessment of everything that needs to be done.

Specialty Moving Myrtle Beach, SC | Hot Tub Moverz

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