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Hot Tub Disposal Myrtle Beach, SC | Hot Tub Moverz

Hot tubs are heavy, so any attempts to move or dispose of them yourself can result in damages and possible injuries.

We at Hot Tub Moverz offer environmentally friendly services for clients who need to safely and efficiently remove their hot tubs in Myrtle Beach, SC. Our experienced professionals will handle the heavy lifting and ensure the hot tub is disposed of safely.

At the same time, it’s also important to note that, depending on where you live, some local laws and regulations govern hot tub disposal. So failure to comply with these laws can result in fines and other legal action that you can avoid by contacting us.

Why Choose Our Hot Tub Disposal Services?


Hot tubs are typically large and heavy, making it challenging to move them from tight and awkward spaces such as elevated decks or small backyards independently. But our team at Hot Tub Moverz has years of experience in effectively removing and disposing of any hot tub unit. Our years of experience enable us to manage even the most challenging situations.

Environmental Responsibility

At Hot Tub Moverz, we are committed to sustainability and work on reducing our effects on the environment. Therefore, we recycle as much of the hot tub as possible and responsibly dispose of any remaining materials in line with local regulations.


We understand that removing a hot tub on your own can be quite a hassle, especially if it’s not functional. But once you engage us, our team will visit your property, disconnect the hot tub, and haul it off for safe disposal.

So our services are more beneficial if you have no experience and equipment to dispose of the hot tub efficiently.

Our Hot Tub Disposal Process

Spa Evaluation

Our team will evaluate the old or malfunctioned hot tub, then discuss with you the best course of action for its removal without causing damage to the surrounding structures.


We will then disconnect electric wires and plumb lines connected to the hot tub.


We’ll then carefully move the unit and securely transport it to a disposal location where we can try and recycle anything recyclable and dispose of the remaining parts responsibly.


When should I dispose of my spa?

You should dispose of your spa for different reasons, such as when it’s damaged beyond repair or is no longer used. Additionally, disposing of the unit will free up space in your backyard for a new setup or other activities.

Can I dispose of the hot tub myself?

Disposing of a hot tub can be dangerous and illegal if you don’t follow the set laws and regulations. The reason for this is hot tubs have hazardous components that need special handling and disposal. So the best you can do is hire a professional hot tub disposal company to dispose of the hot tub safely.

Is moving a hot tub safe?

Yes, it is safe to move a hot tub, as long as it’s done by professionals who understand their way around every challenge faced during the process. However, you must know any attempts to move a hot tub on your own can cause damage to the unit or destruction of other surrounding property. 

Get a relaxed and stress-free hot tub disposal service with Hot Tub Moverz today; call us today for more.

Hot Tub Relocation

When you choose Hot Tub Moverz, we will visit your premises, assess the hot tub and determine the best way to move it efficiently. We understand it’s impossible to foretell the future, so many people install hot tubs almost permanently as if they will never move them again.

This is why we will use specialized equipment to ensure no damages during the process, from disconnecting it to loading and unloading on our truck. We also understand the complexity of moving hot tubs, but our team will handle every moving aspect to your satisfaction.

If you need to move your hot tub, you can entrust us with a reliable and professional solution, no matter how complex the task looks like. So save yourself lots of stress and let us relocate your hot tub professionally.

Hot Tub Disposal Myrtle Beach, SC | Hot Tub Moverz

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